10 Famous Restaurants You Need to Try in Dubai

The crown jewel of the Emirati nation is Dubai, a cutting-edge metropolis where luxury and abundance are constantly on show. The restaurant scene in the city, where every dish must satisfy the highest standards of fine dining, and where culinary giants from all over the world congregate to prove their credentials, is arguably where the city’s reputation for excess and extravagance is most apparent.

Here are 10 of the most famous restaurants to try in Dubai.

The Noodle House

The Noodle House focuses on presenting you with quick, delicious, and authentic Asian soul food. You can choose from a variety of noodles and Asian flavors on our menu. You can choose from a variety of dishes, including wasabi prawns, bao, and laksa. 

The Noodle House is undoubtedly a fan favorite among foodies because it was built with an Asian enthusiasm. They meet the desire for a real eating experience with delectable original Asian foods inspired by the well-known cuisines of Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Customers can customize meals to their preferences while always preserving the authentic Asian spirit. At The Noodle House in Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah  – luxury villas in Dubai, food enthusiasts may now savor hearty dishes that are directly from Asia’s culinary history.


Zuma has been praise by San Pellegrino as one of the top restaurants in the world and offers a decadent taste of Japanese luxury in the center of Dubai. It specializes in the Japanese Izakaya style of dining, in which food is provided to share. However, Zuma elevates it to the status of opulent fine dining. The chic, minimalist eating area was created by Tokyo-based design firm Super Potato and showcases the best of modern Japanese interior architecture. The real attraction, though, is the food, and the taste explosion provided by ostensibly straightforward interpretations of Japanese cuisine is unmistakable.

The restaurant also offers a wide selection of sashimi, sushi, and grills from the Robata counter, all of which are execute to perfection. Highlights include the miso marinated black fish and the steak with truffles.


Ossiano is undoubtedly unlike any other restaurant in Dubai or anywhere else in the world when you enter. The Ambassador Lagoon aquarium surrounds the underground restaurant, providing the sensation that you are dining at the bottom of the ocean. The restaurant’s primary focus is seafood, as one might expect. 65,000 marine creatures live in the Lagoon, swimming near diners as they eat. Both an a la carte meal and a tasting menu are available at Ossiano. Both aesthetically spectacular and mouthwatering, the succession of amazing seafood dishes that make up the latter have been compare to works of art.

Lounge Cafe Italiano

Lounge Cafe Italiano has introduced a new ‘Five Flavours’ concept in the market. Their passion for food and hospitality is a celebration of flavors and cultures. The restaurant uses an exquisite fusion of rich textures and the finest ingredients for a dinner of astonishment, presenting the original flavor of Italian, Arabic, Indian, Japanese, and Asian fusion cuisine with a contemporary twist.

At Lounge Cafe Italiano, you can Experience five diverse cuisines with finely curated dishes that will take you on an interesting culinary adventure.

La Petite Maison 

San Pellegrino named Dubai’s La Petite Maison as one of the top 100 restaurants in the world, and it is quickly becoming a must-visit location for any gourmet tour of Dubai. It is the only restaurant in Dubai that focuses on the French haute cuisine traditions of the Mediterranean coast, and it is to the restaurant’s credit that it still honors some of the more rural traditions from which this cuisine evolved. Loup de mer en croûte de sel, a salt-baked filet of line-caught sea bass with artichokes and tomatoes, and côte de veau grillée, or grilled veal chop, are two dishes that are highly praise on the menu.

Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, the Dubai location of the French culinary master Pierre Gagnaire, more than lives up to his reputation for creativity and brilliance. This is another of Gagnaire’s culinary experiments, where the limits of French culinary ingredients and methods are reached to produce novel dishes that both surprise and please. The dramatic flavor of the food is complement by the sumptuous decor of the eating area. Although the menu of head chef Olivier Biles is always changing, customers have praised the lamb grilled with oregano and drizzled with tamarind juice as well as the parmesan soufflé with spinach velouté and torrefied pine nuts.

Arabian Tea House 

The Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, formerly known as Al Bastakiya, is where one may start a trip into Dubai’s past. Old-timers still prefer to call it the Basta Art Café, but the Arabian Tea House transports you into the past with its authentic décor of turquoise benches, white rattan chairs, lace curtains, and lovely flowers. You can enjoy a cup of gahwa, or traditional Arabic coffee, in the shade of an old tree while the air around you swoons dreamily, as if it were always afternoon.

Al Iwan

Al Iwan, which is house in the magnificent Burj Al Arab, makes an effort to retrace the gastronomic history of the Persian Gulf and the Emirates. The decor is as magnificent and opulent as you can imagine, fusing gold, red, and black in a unique display of extravagance. The food, a robust celebration of the best Arabic cookery, from hummus and baba ganouj to a variety of meze and lamb couscous tagine, contrasts the grandeur of the location. The variety of dishes is astounding, and guests can sample the entirety of Arabic cuisine in these opulent settings.

Fire Lake Grill House Restaurant & Bar

DAMAC Hills is home to one of the best luxury villas in Dubai. There are four distinct restaurants and bars at the Radisson Hotel Dubai DAMAC Hills, accommodating every taste. You can choose between indoor or outdoor seats at Fire Lake Grill House restaurant & bar, where we offer courteous service. On our large outside screen, watch live sports.

You may satisfy your appetite with delectable Pan-Asian meals at Hessa Street Kitchen. There are special theme nights every night of the week, including Chinese Saturdays, Thai Fridays, and Malaysian Mondays. While unwinding by the outdoor pool, dine on Arabic mezzes, grills, quick nibbles, and other delectable meals at Hills Pool Deck. At our Shisha lounge, unwind while admiring the desert stars while enjoying some of the tastiest flavors.

Fire Lake Grill House Restaurant & Bar is your go-to place for smoky, fulfilling flavors, such as slow-roasted short rib and grilled steaks, by utilizing the best of Midwest traditions.

Tribes Carnivore

Tribes is an uplifting, casual dining restaurant that is situate in The Dubai Mall and Mall of The Emirates. The menu was influence by the incredible cuisine and flavors of Africa, a continent with many different tribes, which not only speak various languages, but also have a wide variety of meals that they proudly create and present to their family and friends.

Tribes is an unforgettable blend of exotic tastes that have been drawn from the African continent since the Tribal era and have been influenc by the Spice Islands of the East, the French in the West, the Malay & Dutch in the South, and the Arabic flavors of the North.

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