10 Hacks of Invisalign Braces for Achieving the Best Possible Result

Invisalign braces is extremely comfortable in comparison to the traditional braces. But any orthodontic procedure which involves shifting and repositioning the teeth will have some kind of discomfort and challenges with it. If you are recently wearing your braces and thinking to get rid of the challenges with the treatment, then this blogpost can help in this regard. Go through the 10 hacks on braces and know how to get the best from Invisalign treatment.

  1. Choose an Invisalign go-to-kit – When you perform Invisalign treatment, you will have to brush more and it is a good idea to carry travel-size dental kit. This way, you need not worry about how to brush teeth after every meal. In your travel-size pouch, add one toothpaste tube, toothbrush, chewies and your case. Your dentist will ask to brush after taking each meal to prevent bacteria and food particles from stucking in the space between your teeth and braces.
  2. Do not throw away old trays – You may think why you need to keep your old trays when you get a new set. Well, if you misplace your new trays, then you will have to put on the previous trays till you visit the dentist. You can fit it back inside your mouth till your orthodontist replaces it for the misplaced trays.
  3. Change your aligners at night – When you need to wear the new set of aligners, the right time is to do at night before sleeping. Changing the new aligners may lead to some kind of discomfort till the teeth can adjust with them. So, by switching to new braces, you give your teeth sufficient time during the night to make some adjustments. This can help to address your pain that generally occurs at the time of changing braces.
  4. Select a cleaner for braces – It is essential to keep the braces clean all the time. Also, you do not need to spend money on costly cleaners always and a simple cleaner will solve the purpose. You can use at-home cleaner for the aligners and clean from time to time.
  5. Clean the trays when you eat – You have to wear the braces for at least 20 to 22 hours in a day for getting the best possible result. This means you can take them out for 2 hours only for brushing, flossing, eating and drinking. Make sure you clean them during this time and soak the trays in a cleaning solution when having your dinner. Your aligners will be clean and you can wear them inside your mouth. By doing this at least two times in a week will keep the aligners clean for a long time.
  6. Set a timer when removing the braces – You can get the most from your Invisalign procedure by wearing them almost all day. Try to set a timer when you need to remove them and wear the braces again once you complete eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. This will help you to speed up with the treatment process.
  7. Carry a case with you always – Though you would appreciate the transparency of braces, no one will find it inside your mouth. Make sure you are careful when wearing them to avoid misplacing your braces in anyway. Take a case with you all the time and store your aligners safely when you need to remove them. Invisalign is costly and you obviously do not want to be a victim of throwing your braces in the trash while enjoying your food.
  8. Use your outie – It may not be comfortable to remove the braces after getting the attachments. But you can lessen the hassle of using your hands to remove them with an outie close. This is a great tool which makes it much convenient to remove braces and attachments.
  9. Ask for some chewies – Having a new set of aligners can make you feel low when the teeth adjust to new braces. But a chewie may help to close the gap between your teeth and new trays. You have to bite down on chewies for some time during the first few days once you get the new braces. This will improve overall comfort and fit of your aligners.
  10. Smile with confidence – The reason you should perform Invisalign treatment is to get straighter and beautiful teeth. This will help to improve your confidence level and you can restore gorgeous smile soon. Also, you can greet your friends and family members with attractive smile all the time.

Thus, Invisalign is among the most suitable options for your straighter teeth and confident smile. This way, you will feel good about yourself and, at the same time, improve overall appearance. You need to book a consultation for Invisalign in London and your experience will be amazing with this treatment.

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