Bir Billing is more than a Paragliding paradise

Concerning Bir Billing and its Paraglidinga

Bir Billing village is located in Himachal Pradesh. While they are two distinct villages within one valley going to Bir without offering Billing is quite dry. Both are doubleton spots. They are located in The Joginder Nagar Valley, Bir Billing, and influence Tibetan culture to a large degree due to the Tibetan community living within the city. In this tiny village, you’ll find a variety of pretty dotting cafes that serve delicious food in a stylish style. In addition, there are numerous monasteries, hiking trails, waterfalls, and camping locations. Bir is a fascinating place with a rich background of its very own. Its town Bir was under the rule of the Pal Dynasty which was part of the lineage of Chandravanshi. 

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But, the original rulers were deposed from their kingdom following the assassination of their king, Raizada Prithi Pal. The king Raizada Prithi Pal was the last descendant from the Rajas Bangahal. According to legend, the king was executed through his son-in-law’s father, Raja Sidh Sen, who was a member of his Mandi kingdom. After that, despite repeated efforts even with the assistance of the Mughals but they were not able to restore this town Bir. After that, the 1960s marked the turning point for the town, with the construction of Tibetan monasteries as well as the arrival of Neten Chokling, who was a lama from the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. In addition, his subsequent incarnations were instrumental in the creation of the famed Tibetan monastery which is to this day an iconic landmark in Bir that is of great importance.

Destination for paragliding

The village is tiny and quiet, but it is a popular destination for paragliding. Paragliding is an adventure sport that is the primary reason for many tourists who visit Bir. The thing that makes paragliding in Bir unique is that you not only enjoy a thrilling experience, however, but it’s also extremely secure and has high-security standards, both physically and mechanically.

It is not officially known by the name “paragliding capital of India”, Bir and Billing hosted the first official world championship for paragliding in October, 201. At this event, more than 150 certified paragliders competed to win the ultimate prize while hundreds of paragliders who were free to fly took advantage of their time. A few other natural factors that make Bir Billing among the most ideal places to paraglide are the ideal climate as well as the right air currents and more efficient thermals, which offer an ideal uplift that could propel the flyer higher than 5000m.

Bir Billing

In addition, this article going to inform you of the way Bir Billing is more than simply a paragliding heaven. In addition to this thrilling activity, there are many more things to offer to a visitor. The best places to go during your stay in Bir Billing are listed in the following paragraphs.

Tsering Jong Monastery

Tsering Jong Monastery is located in the hinterlands of Chaugan’s tea garden. Chaugan is an amazing place to study the art of architecture and meditate. It’s not just an area of prayer for Buddhists but also the home of a variety of Tibetan refugees, which is inhabited by Tibetan refugees for many years. In the complex, a variety of Tibetan artifacts are offered in the craft shop and there is an institute for students and an eatery right next to the main temple. This is an essential stop for visitors to Palampur.

Bir Tibetan colony

The lane that runs through it is the center of the town since it is filled with bustling shops that sell a variety of souvenirs and memos. In addition, there are a lot of uptown cafes and monasteries in this part of town. The lane was established in 1960 in Chowgan close to Bir lane, it is the ideal spot for those looking to gain an understanding of the Tibetan way of life and culture. In this lane, you can find numerous Tibetan crafts, astronomical institutes, and several monasteries that represent the Nyingma, Kagyu, and Sakya traditions.

Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute

This is a monastic college at Chauntra which has served the people as well as the environment by offering free medical care to the locals and informing them about the significance, requirements, and ways to save the environment. It is home to over 600 Tibetan monks, the institute gives a fascinating glimpse into their lives. Other sites to visit include Deer Park Institute, Sherabling Monastery along with Chokling Monastery.

Other things to do in Bir Billing

Take a trip on your first Bir 360 trek, which is among the most memorable experiences in Bir and takes visitors to Rajgundha Valley. The reason why it’s called 360 treks is that this trek gives you 360-degree views over the valley Rajgundha. Additionally, you can camp in Bir the valley, hike to the hidden waterfall and climb through the Gunehar river as well as trek through the Keori village by hanging gliding, or paragliding.

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