Cleaning In Nurseries: The Importance Of Disinfection

You are responsible for the cleaning of a preschool. There are many people who will give you good advice – not least the parents. How do you do? What will it cost? How do you know it really gets clean? 

Cleaning a preschool is one of the finest and most important things there is. It’s about respect for our children and giving them a clean and safe place. Here they must crawl, play, and develop without getting dirty and infected because of poor cleaning. Five points give you an overview of the situation: Be interested. 

You don’t need to spend more than 2-3 hours a month on cleaning. Have a regular dialogue with your supplier (internal or external). Add enough resources (money/time). Use the right frequency/method/equipment/skills. Regular follow-up every month. OK, maybe easier said than done. How does it work in practice? I’ll tell you that. Cleaning a preschool takes 200 square meters per hour for a trained professional cleaner

Hygiene control in this type of space is difficult. Extensive planning is needed, as well as having the right materials to make the facilities safe for the little ones. For this reason, at SCS Group Integrated Services we offer a very complete nursery cleaning service in which we consider aspects such as disinfection, among others that we will talk about now.

Viruses and germs are everywhere

Since the covid-19 pandemic, we realized until then, cleaning in many places was deficient. To save costs cleaning in nurseries ended up not being entirely adequate, causing situations where children contracted gastroenteritis, and flu, among other conditions. Now that we are more aware of the importance of disinfection, this has changed.

Viruses and germs abound, especially in those spaces where there are children. As we mentioned, it is very difficult for the little ones to keep their hands thoroughly clean or not to put them in their mouths. Therefore, cleaning in nurseries should ease this type of circumstance a little to reduce the chances that viruses and germs end up invading everything.

To do this, at SCS Group Integrated Services we use suitable and safe products that do not leave an odor and are not toxic for the little ones. Despite this, these types of disinfectants that we use are effective and guarantee the healthiness of the floor, the surfaces, and even the toys themselves. We should do this work daily, although we offer it weekly or monthly.

Pay attention to critical points

When we approach a cleaning service in nurseries, we must pay attention to some critical points that we should not overlook. One of them is the container for diapers that must be well sanitized since it is an ideal space to harbor bacteria, viruses, and other germs. In addition, we must carry out proper management and disposal of this type of waste.

Another important critical point in cleaning in nurseries is the bathrooms, even if there is a space where the children change their clothes (they put on an apron, take off their shoes, leave their jackets, etc.). It is in this place where microorganisms from abroad can settle and, therefore, cleaning in nurseries in these cases must be exhaustive and controlled.

A nursery should not only show a clean image

One aspect that we want to emphasize in SCS Group Integrated Services is that cleaning in nurseries should not only look for a clear image of hygiene. Sometimes a space like this looks like it, but when we start our task, we realize that there is sweat on the chairs that should have been cleaned, stains on the walls that nobody has taken care of, and a long etcetera that goes unnoticed.

This is something that in SCS Group Integrated Services we do not let go and that is that the cleaning in nurseries that we carry out is carried out in a completely exhaustive way. In this way, we protect the little ones from the dangers of being exposed to germs and viruses without control. This is our way of working:

  • We ventilate the facilities so that the air cools the rooms.
  • We sweep and mop to disinfect the floors.
  • We use machines to remove the most difficult stains.
  • We vacuum carpets, rugs, and mattresses.
  • We clean windows, furniture, walls, toys, and more…

This is a small sample of how we clean nurseries, although we always adapt to the needs of each business. The safety of children is essential and, therefore, guaranteeing adequate sanitation in this type of space is vital. At SCS Group Integrated Services our team of professionals can do this and more daily so that germs and viruses are kept far away.

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