Diaries from Kashmir: Features That Make It Heaven On Earth


Every separate one of us should indeed visit Kashmir, the most picturesque valley in all of India, at least once in our entire lives. The Kashmir Blog gives you all the correct information you need to decide wisely about visiting Kashmir, one of the world’s most beautiful places! Throughout this blog site about Kashmir, you can learn about the state’s unparalleled beauty, its scenic mountainous, its stunning scenery drives through greeneries pastures, and its serene lakes. Make other plans for a fantastic trip to Kashmir—the paradise you must find.

You will learn about Kashmir’s tourist destinations, undiscovered gems, and culture during the Kashmir tour. To escape the bustle of the city, learn about the local traditions, savour the regional dishes, sip Kahwa chai, and interact with the locals. Allow this to be your favourite spot for relaxing while sipping a warm cup of best match chai and admiring the breathtaking view of the Jammu and Kashmir valley. You can relive these experiences and make them a reality by perusing the Kashmir journey. Kashmir won’t let you down and will enchant you with its unmatched natural beauty and friendly inhabitants.

These are the top motivators for travelling to Jammu and Kashmir.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Kashmir offers a breathtaking view. In Kashmir, there are mountains, deep forests, verdant pastures, waterways, and lakes that all come together to create a breathtaking landscape. The Aru Valley, Saffron Fields, Gather, and blood are just a few examples of Jammu and Kashmir’s breathtaking natural beauty. The area is a paradise on Earth because of the Blood Shahi, the Badam Vari to the Apple Garden, the Almond trees to the Chinar Trees, and other features. Here, the translucent fog that resembles cottony cotton is surrounded by breathtakingly blue skies.

Wonderful Climate

During the hot summers, when surface temps are at about their highest, schedule your trip to Kashmir. Between March and May, you can visit this valley to see the blooming flowers blooming, lush grasslands, and Chinar plants. Even in the warmest of summers, India is cool. Undoubtedly enjoyable is the laid-back atmosphere in the Jammu and Kashmir Valley. You can experience a stunning snowfall while on vacation in the winter, which will be an amazing experience. The land is smothered in snow, which creates a breathtaking atmosphere, and also there are so many beautiful trees that make everyone feel at peace.

Pristine Lakes

A trip to Kashmir wouldn’t be complete without visiting Dal Lake and other places. Seeing these lakes is the top reason to visit Kashmir. It ranks among the busiest tourist spots, and photographers adore taking gorgeous photos there. The marinas and shikaras on the lake are its most adored attractions. Floating markets, gardens scented with sweet flower petals, and other attractions can be found here. Manasbal Lake is also referred to as Wular Lake, the natural freshwater body of water in Asia, and is accompanied by mountain peaks and lush vegetation. It is a place of refuge for so many oceanic birds. The most tranquil setting for enjoying tranquillity is provided by the lake, according to a member in the organisation.

Adventure Trekking Points

The Great Highlands and the Pir Encoded by genes mountain surround the Jammu and Kashmir Valley, making it the perfect place for hiking, camping, and mountaineering. As you travel to this lovely state, you will experience some of the most breathtaking scenery on mountainous regions, lakes, and grasslands. On the well-known Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, that also ambles through lower areas, it is possible to see the Gangabal, Kishansar, and Vishansarthat, which are close to the Harmukh Peak. Additionally, there are treks available through the Aru Valley, Yousmarg Trek, and suitable for able to work glaciers. India is most likely the adventure destination because there, the fun never stops.

Regarding Spiti Valley

Spiti, which is shrouded in a captivating veil of natural beauty, is a shining entrance for those seeking seclusion in the sheer delight of nature. Lahaul Spiti’s intriguing magnificence and unpolluted climate continue to draw a lot of people there thanks to the travel industry. Ladakh, Tibet inside the east, Kinnaur in the south-east, and Kullu Valley in the north border Spiti on its north edge.

This magnificent Himachal Pradesh virus desert valley is filled with pine forests, green meadows, lovely religious communities, and owned towns that will leave you speechless. The infertile mountains in this location, which are arranged at a height of roughly 12,500 feet above sea level, change colour every second, making for an amazing sight.


Buddhists use Spiti Valley as a study and social centre. The Dalai Lama’s favourite monasteries include Key Buddhist temple and Tabo Monastery, which are among the area’s attractions. In the Indian films Paap, Main road, and Milarepa, a direct experience story centred on one of Buddhism’s most well-known Tibetan holy figures, it was the point of view and cinematography.

Packaged Tours

Beautiful Kashmir

5 nights and 6 days total tour.

Three candlelight dinners, two nights in Gulmarg, and houseboat room decor beginning at 35,000

Couple’s Honeymoon net cost






5 nights and 6 days make up the Kashmir Family Tour’s duration. Visit Pahalgam, Srinagar, and Gulmarg.

Stay at the Dal Lake Houseboat. In Srinagar, take a Shikara ride.

Beginning with: 8,300

Depending on each person sharing a twin bed (6 pax)


Meal options

Places to visit



Seven nights and eight days make up the Kashmir Tulip Packages duration.

In Kashmir, the start of something like the tulip carnival signals the arrival of spring. Greenery, marshy vegetation, swift rivers, etc.

Based on a dual-sharing scenario, $12,000 per person (6 pax)


Meal options


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