Fixing Android’s Wi-Fi Authentication Error

Are you having trouble with Android Authentic Wi-Fi Error? If you want to eliminate it, try any of these simple solutions. The “Wi-Fi Authentication Error” has recently started affecting certain Android phone owners. This annoying pop-up message will prohibit your smartphone from joining a wireless network. If you, too, have seen the “Wi-Fi Authentication Error” notification, read on. We discuss numerous possible fixes. The root cause of Android issues might come from several different places. So it’s crucial to investigate all of them.

One possible solution is just to reset your wireless connection.

First, we’ll try the most straightforward solution: reconnecting your Android device to your Wi-Fi network. Like many other individuals, we tried simply disconnecting and re-joining the connection. But this did not solve the problem. To fix the “Wi-Fi Authentication Error,” try uninstalling the Wi-Fi network from your phone and then reinstalling it.

You’ll need to access your device’s Settings menu to begin. To accomplish this, open the app and click on the gear icon. Then, choose the menu item associated with your internet connection type. (this will be named “Wi-Fi,” “Connections,” “Internet,” or similar). Locate the complex network and connect to it. Choose “Forget” or “Forget Network” after tapping on it. Doing so will clear your phone of any traces of the selected network.

Reconnect to this Wi-Fi connection and enter the password as usual. Check to see if you can re-join this network and whether the “Wi-Fi Authentication Error” message still shows. If so, we can continue to the following section.

Consider using Airplane Mode, our other recommended action.

In the same vein as the previous one, this one takes little time and effort. Most wireless features, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, can be use in airplane mode. You may interfere with the Wi-Fi network and your phone’s mobile network. Turning on airplane mode blocks wireless frequencies and may create a less cluttered atmosphere.

The Airplane mode may be activate by swiping from the main menu. If your phone keeps losing signal you might attempt to turn on Airplane mode to get solved. Your phone should be able to reconnect to the wireless network nearly instantly if this method is successful. If that’s the case, you may disable your airplane mode and also get back to your routine. However, if you continue to get the “Wi-Fi Authentication Error,” try the following option on our list.

You may modify your wireless network’s IP settings.

Internet protocol (IP) problems are sometimes the root cause of wireless authentication problems. It has been reported that a straightforward technique involving the IP settings has helped some Android users restore their wireless connection.

Return to the Settings page to accomplish this. Select the Wi-Fi or Connections menu item, then select the network in the issue. The IP address and a link labeled “Show advanced options” should show in a drop-down menu once you select that option.

A new menu item will be available, titled “IP Settings,” with two submenus: DHCP and Static. Since DHCP is probably not what you’ve set as your default, you should check out what’s shown under “Static.” You may see your computer’s IP address. The IP address might be written down so that it is not forgotten. After that, clear the IP address field, retype the address without any changes and hit the Save button. It would help if you had the address typed precisely as it was. If you still get the “Wi-Fi Authentication Error,” continue to the next solution.

Resetting the network

This final option involves erasing specific settings from your phone. But it may be necessary if the previous three options don’t work. There’s no need to panic; it won’t delete any of your information, applications, or media. Only data and configurations are associated with wireless networks. And mobile networks or Bluetooth connections will be deleted.

To begin, access the Settings menu and look for “Reset network settings.” It may be labeled “Backup & Reset,” “General Management,” or anywhere else on your Android device. If your device’s Settings menu includes a search bar. You may use it to quickly locate “Reset network settings” by typing the phrase into the box.

Choose “Reset network settings,” then “Reset Settings” from the resulting menu. All wireless connection information and settings will be deleted. Assuming the “Wi-Fi Authentication Error” no longer appears. You may now try reconnecting to your wireless network.

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