How does Hikvision Colorvu Camera Work?

Hikvision ColorVu cameras are a revolutionary technology for security surveillance solutions. Although the technology behind it has been around for a while, Hikvision is one of the first to offer full-colour imagery in dark conditions with such accuracy at an affordable price. 

As we know, colour-related data is essential for multiple situations and is a helpful support for data and analyses. Traditional CCTV cameras often lose noteworthy details when yielding only black and white images. We don’t need to depend on blurry images for sharp detail in dark scenarios.

Hikvision ColorVu technology can capture vivid, rich, full-colour details, such as if a person is wearing a red coat or the car with the muddy number plate is purple, in total darkness. In all such low lightening or total darkness situations, Hikvision ColorVu cameras deliver every vital detail.

How does Hikvision Colorvu Camera Work?

Hikvision ColorVu cameras have some unique components that separate them from any other traditional surveillance cameras. For instance:

1. Large aperture

Hikvision ColorVu camera technology’s newly released lenses let four times more light enter the lens than any other conventional camera. As Hikvision ColorVu lenses have an F1.0 super-aperture design which is more focused, qualitative and functional than conventional cameras, with are still depending on a lens design of F2.0 aperture. F1.0 apertures are technically a breakthrough for the industry, requiring stringent and accurate production. Hikvision used cutting-edge Active Alignment technology to produce ColorVu cameras to adjust accuracy that encompasses 4 pixels, more diminutive than a 1/30 hair diameter.

Moreover, Hikvision ColorVu camera lenses are constructed from an “Extra-low Dispersion” optical glass, minimising possible optical disruptions. The lenses are also empowered with a special anti-reflective coating to maximise the quantity of light received by the sensor.

2. Advanced CMOS sensors

All ColorVu cameras use high-quality and advanced CMOS sensors. Camera sensors have the same technology, and there’s more to a sensor than its size. But the ones found in these full-colour Hikvision cameras can convert light to a digital signal exceptionally efficiently, much more accurately than those of comparable IP cameras.

Most security camera users only focus on alarms triggered by humans and vehicles, especially at night. The Hikvision ColourVu 8mp cameras can integrate Hikvision’s cutting-edge AcuSense technology to enable users to focus only on events that security matters. It is designed especially for deep learning algorithms; ColorVu cameras can differentiate people and vehicles from other moving objects such as rain, non-objects, leaves, and animals.

Without a higher-quality sensor, the camera would still produce a full-colour image, but it would have noticeably worse quality. Hikvision also uses an intelligent 3D dynamic range algorithm to make the most of what the sensors offer. If there’s no natural light or low lightening, Hikvision ColorVu cameras have built-in light sources which project a visibly soft light onto any specific area for illumination.

3. Immediate target search with AcuSense technology

Many people only need to focus on alarms that are triggered at night only by humans and vehicles. The Hikvision ColorVu cameras can easily combine with Hikvision’s state-of-the-art AcuSense to enable users to concentrate only on events that security matters. Further, it is empowered by in-depth learning algorithms; ColorVu cameras can differentiate people and vehicles from other moving objects such as animals, rain, leaves and vice versa. When the pre-set intrusion type happens, the alarms only get triggered then. With this intelligent technology, video clips are sorted under the varieties of human and vehicle, and search efficiency has also improved by object classification.

4. 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR)

A unique 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR) algorithm lets the cameras record extra remote details clearly and produce sharper images. Moreover, optimized sensors enable the delivery of nighttime colour imaging of Hikvision ColorVu cameras brighter than conventional cameras. Moreover, the Hikvision ColorVu Camera is equipped with a soft and warm supplemental light that lights up to guarantee colour imaging that would work even in zero darkness situations. 

Hikvision ColorVu Technology is an affordable and intelligent solution to a traditional security camera system. Scientists have claimed that colour helps increase attention levels, leading to memorizing certain information. It is helpful in a surveillance control room, where operators must look at multiple screens, and ColorVu technology gives an extra edge.

Advanced sensors and a large aperture combination in ColorVu technology provide sharper images even in low light levels.

5. Why Choose Hikivision ColorVu Technology?

Hikvision ColourVu cameras are the far best security solution for the various following reasons:

  • Powerful imaging features.
  • A supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios.
  • Clear video with colourful details.
  • Super-high reliability.
  • AcuSense Technology.
  • Active alignment technology.
  • Isp technology.
  • Audio alarms are customized in various languages for various scenarios.
  • Resolution up to 4K.
  • F1.0 Super Aperture.
  • 1/1.2” Advance Sensor.
  • Ability to capture details in low lighting.
  • High-performance sensors.
  • Zoom in and out in vivid colour.
  • Up to 130 dB WDR.
  • Trespassers with visual and auditory warnings.

In conclusion, Hikvsion ColorVu CCTV cameras are explicitly created for applications requiring high-quality colour images, regardless of lighting conditions. This fantastic security solution makes them ideal for small businesses, parking lots, residential areas, recreational areas, and other applications. It includes a comprehensive range of full high-definition cameras to pick from that would never disappoint your security needs and provide you with vigilant 24/7 protection. for more articles click here

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