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How to Find Student Accommodation Abroad?

After completion of the twelfth standard or something equivalent, many students in different parts of the world like to study abroad. There are a number of benefits of studying abroad such as getting international exposure, acquiring education in a top university or a global city, etc. After getting enrolled in a university abroad, student have to face the question how to find student accommodation in the city where they are enrolled. It is not difficult today due to the availability of online platforms. There are different types of online platforms available for this purpose in the present scenario.

One of the platform types are the websites of accommodation owners. These platforms have their limitations. If you have already some accommodations in mind where you want to shift then these websites can be helpful for you. But, if you haven’t decided yet where you have to get accommodated then it may not be a suitable option for you.

The suitable platform types for finding student accommodation abroad are the websites of accommodation service platforms. These websites provide you the lists of student properties available in a number of cities in the world. So, you get a plethora of options.

Here are some steps through which you can find accommodation in your university city. These steps are according to the website of a famous accommodation service platform “University Living”.

Visit the Website and Enter the Name of the City or University in the Search Box

visit websites

When you visit the website of an accommodation service platform, you first find a search box where you need to enter the name of the city where you want accommodation. You can also enter the name of your university instead. After this step, you will find a list of the student properties located in the city or near the university searched by you.

Observe Which Property Has Your Desired Student Accommodation Type

You will see the images and names of the different properties below which you can read the names of accommodation types. There are different accommodation types available in various parts of the world such as ensuite rooms, shared rooms, studios, and apartments. If the types available are other than the above-mentioned ones, then you will read “other” in place of them. You can know the other type available after visiting the dedicated pages of the properties.

Visit the Dedicated Pages of Different Properties

After the previous step, you need to visit the dedicated pages of the properties where you can read about their features. You can do this by clicking the property’s name or image. On visiting a property’s page, first, you read a summary of the features followed by a dropdown list of some universities and colleges available in the city. If you have reached here by searching a university’s name then you will see that university by default. By selecting a university or college, you will read its driving distance, walking distance, and train distance from that property in minutes.

Below that, you read the other details such as amenities, accommodation types, their subtypes, facilities inside, their prices, stay durations, etc.

When you will visit the dedicated pages of different properties one by one, you will be able to know their details quickly. The same is not possible if you visit the website of an accommodation owner since you can see the details of one property only there.

Come Back to the List of Student Properties and Use Comparison Feature to Compare Properties

List of Properties
Checklist with green tick and houses on the white background.

You may forget certain things or may feel difficult to compare different properties after visiting their pages one by one. In that case, you can use a special comparison feature available on the websites of accommodation service platforms. This feature allows you to select maximum of four properties in a city and compare their amenities, distance from properties, and prices. You can skip the previous step and directly go through this step also.

You are required to click the “add to compare” option on the images of the properties. After selecting maximum of four properties, you need to click the “+” option on the bottom right side of the page. You will be asked to select a university’s name in the dropdown list after this step so that the distance from your university to the properties could be compared.

After this selection, you will see prices, amenities such as wifi, and distances (from the university selected by you) from the properties selected by you on a single page in a tabular format through which you can compare. After taking the decision, you can book accommodation through the property’s page.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these steps, you can also find some other options on these websites, such as filtering your search according to amenities, prices, etc., which you can use.

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