How To Learn Algebra for beginners In Easy Way

Learning algebra can somehow result in confusion, but once you get the gist of it then it seems not hard. All you have to do is to follow the order for completing parts of the equation and keep your work well arranged to prevent any mistake that may arise.

Algebra represents the first conceptual leap in maths education, so it often confuses new students who happen to know this concept for the first time. In reality, there are only two things to learn or you need to know when learning algebra. Thus, how to manipulate them and the concepts of algebra for beginners.

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What Is Algebra?

Algebra is one of the branches of mathematics that deals with symbols and the rules for manipulating those symbols. Those symbols represent quantities without fixed values known as variables in the elementary algebra. There are four sub branches of algebra. Namely;

  1. Commutative Algebra
  2. Advance Algebra
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Abstract Algebra
  5. Elementary Algebra

Reasons To Learn Algebra

The reason why a beginner should learn algebra are;

  1. Algebra reinforces logical reasoning
  2. Algebra may be a job skill later
  3. Algebra is better and faster than basic maths
  4. Algebra may be useful in life outside workplace
  5. Algebra is necessary to master calculus and statistics

Here are some of the points to consider as a beginner to learn algebra with an ease;

  1. Hire A Tutor

Study groups are one of the benefits from learning from others but sometimes it is more beneficial to learn from an experienced teacher. Consider hiring a teacher to give your child face to face or one on one support to work through algebra strategies and concepts. This happens to be the best way to learn Algebra for beginners in the right perception. 

Hiring a teacher for a beginner to study algebra is like getting them their own personal tutor to review. Teach them a concept until they are sure that the beginner has mastered it. Teachers are able to  check the beginners’ work and show them where they made the mistake or they got it wrong. They are willing to instruct the beginner and tell them what they should do.

  1. Get To Know The Use Of Calculator In Algebra

The next thing to improve algebra skills is to have the beginner to better understand how to use a calculator in algebra calculation. Scientific calculators in algebra calculations  may seem like a difficult calculator but they perform a lot in algebra. Understanding the features and functions will provide a help for the beginners work during challenging questions given to him/her to solve.

There are few ways of learning how the scientific calculator features and functions. Playing with the calculator to get to know the importance of it and reading the manual. The beginner can also ask their peers to share some of the tricks of using the calculator in algebra.

Using a calculator works very fast and best if the beginner first understands the strategies required to solve the problem at hand. As much as a calculator helps with the computing of the answer, it is important to first know how to set up the understanding and how the equation works.

  1. Learn  A shortcut

Take the time to search for learning shortcuts, then have the beginner put them into practice. Instead of trying to create a bunch of tricks, you have to see if any trick exists already or not. There are also other ways to solve the same kind of problem the beginner is working on. This is by knowing the strategies and concepts of algebra.

Testing them out is important to see whether or not the trick actually helps or not. The beginner should keep in mind that he/she may need help to check their work and make sure that the shortcuts are really helpful and right to be used.

  1. Joining A Study Group

Although they will not be able to work together during a test succession, the conversation they were having during studying together can make them be prepared. A study group also helps the beginner to learn how to do algebra from different angles. It is a place where the beginner can share unique tools and tricks to correct, encourage, and to remember the rules.

Sometimes, what the beginner needs is not a help from a calculator to solve algebra question. But the support from other peers or students who are learning the same concept. Encourage the beginner to form or join a study group. With this, the beginners can help each other with take home quizzes and assignments.

  1. Encouraging The Beginner To Seek Help From Teachers

Most teachers are more happy to work with students who are curious and want to know alternative methods to explain a particular problem. Beginners should try to spend extra time with teachers after school or class talking with teachers to know their problems. The beginner can utilise that time to ask specific questions about problems. They had wrong on their homework or about problems from class.

Some beginners may be afraid or timid to ask teachers to give them extra support pertaining to what they didn’t understand. They even don’t want their peers to know what is disturbing them or what they are struggling with.

  1. Makeup Tricks To Remember The Rules

One good thing about maths and algebra in general is that the principles and rules don’t change. No matter what complex a problem may be, if you know the rules to solve that problem, you will know how to figure out the answer.

Sometimes, it is very hard to recall all the rules that apply to a particular problem when learning new things at a time. If the beginner is having such trouble keeping up with the teacher and the rest of the class. What to do to eliminate such a problem is to take time at home to review what is taught that day.


Learning algebra is not something that happens to be confusing. It just takes practice, ample time, and a lot of patience. But, it is possible when the beginner gets a little help along the way of learning.

Don’t let the beginner look at his/her self to be timid or poor student. Try to work with them to get the help they need to improve their algebra skills.

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