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How to overcome homesickness during the university years

Going to the university can produce a flood of exciting emotions. Mostly excitement for the times ahead but also thinking about the life, which you have left behind. When you are meant to be having the time of your life, homesickness can hold you back from getting the most out of your uni years. That is why we have rounded up some of the best ways to cope with homesickness when you are at the university and when you are in student accommodation Manchester in Abroad.

Tips for International Students

Get organized

The first few days and weeks are probably going to be the most hectic. It is here that you may feel a bit lost. You can sort your timetable and you will feel you are in control of what is going on. Once you have moved to your student accommodation Manchester, you can keep things more organized.

Go out and keep yourself busy

It might be quite tempting to treat your room as a place where you can feel wonderful. But spending a lot of time inside will only make the homesickness that much worse. Isolating yourself will take you in more depth, as you will spend even more time thinking about what you miss from home. Ensure that you keep yourself busy by organizing day trips, and studying at the library rather than in your room. You can get a part-time job too or even try out some extracurricular activities.

Join the events

When you are in the university, you can have a fun experience. You will be hard present to find a time when there is not a fair or a social event going on. If you give yourself some objective of trying something new each week.  

Bring things that remind you of home

If you are a uni student, which misses home, why not bring a piece of your home with you? You can bring family photos, your favorite blanket, and books, there are wide wants to put a homely spin on your new living space. If you are a student who travels abroad, you might also want to bring some of your favorite snacks to remind you of your home. Just do not munch everything altogether.

Look for some delicacies in your home

The best way to heal your heart is through your stomach. You can come across different ways to enjoy the place you are in by getting some elements of your home, starting with the foods that you miss. If you are an Indian, then you can come across some amazing places where you can find your favorite butter chicken and naan or if you are Japanese, then look for a place for some authentic sushi.

Keep in touch with your home

Whether it is a phone call or a WhatsApp group chat, keeping in touch with your friends and family is quite important. It will help you to feel more involved with what is going on back home. However, keeping in touch too much can make you feel the distance more. The trick is not to let it get to the stage where you are communicating with the people back home more than you are with the people at the university. However, keeping in touch too much can make you feel the distance more. Here the trick is to not let it get to the stage where you are communicating with the people back home more than you are with the people at the university. Keep in mind that your friends and family will still be waiting for you back at home during the holidays. It is important that you focus on here and now at the university. You can easily go back and visit any time. However, do not try to go too close to the start of the term as it can make you feel homesick.

Help yourself by helping others

Whenever you are feeling sad and lonely, you should start helping others. Any time when you feel miserable, one of the best behaviors to feel better is to focus on helping other students. You can connect with an NGO that will guide you to help people in need. Also, you participate in different events and help promote a culture of care by helping those who are in distress. Build your contacts and meet more people to help.

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