All You Need to Know About Auto Genius (Cloud Software for Workshop/Garage/Showroom) DMS & ERP

Cloud Software for Workshop/Garage/Showroom

Auto Genius is a comprehensive DMS & ERP management solution for Workshop, Garage and Showroom. It is one of the first GST-ready software for workshop/garage to effectively manage their accounting and inventory operations while reducing costly errors.

Touted as the best DMS Software for Auto Dealers in India, Auto Genius allows automotive businesses to effectively & efficiently manage their day-to-day operations such as maintain their business accounts, streamline the processes, track order status in real-time, manage employees, and keep their business up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the industry.

Automobile DMS & ERP Software

As a complete tool for workshop management, Auto Genius lets you manage Resource Planning in your Enterprise from a single interface. Using the cloud-based software, you can manage & track every process in your business even when you’re travelling.

AutoGenius ERP Dashboard

Once you log in to the Auto Genius cloud application, you’ll find all the options & features you will ever need right on the dashboard. Depending on the type of your business, you can select from Showroom or Workshop (Workshop/Garage).

Here, you can see a number of many options, including

  • Item Master,
  • Dispatch Vehicle,
  • Vehicle Sale Report,
  • Vahan Report, and
  • Fame II Report.
AutoGenius Dispatch Vehicle DMS ERP
AutoGenius ERP DMS ItemMaster

Though the options are self-explanatory, here’s a quick look at the most important features of Auto Genius Cloud Software for Bike/Car Workshop.


As the name suggests, this feature can be used to create & manage various master data, such as

  • Item Master,
  • Item Group Master,
  • Vehicle Group Master,
  • Vehicle Rate Master,
  • Model-wise Service Schedule,
  • Miscellaneous Master,
  • Feedback Master, and
  • Pincode Mapping.
 ItemGroup Master

Stock Dispatch

When running an auto garage or workshop, you constantly have to dispatch vehicles to dealers and it can be difficult to properly manage the dispatch schedule, vehicle status, details, etc. Well, not anymore. Use this feature of Auto Genius to keep track of all your stock dispatch records (single & bulk) in one place. Just enter the vehicle and order details once and start tracking.


Proper and accurate reporting is crucial to the success of an automotive business. The Auto Genius DMS for Automobile Industry comes with a complete set of reporting tools that you can use to track reports of:-

  • Vehicle Dispatch,
  • Booking Sales,
  • Vehicle Sales,
  • Vehicle Purchase Orders,
  • Consolidate Vehicle Dispatch,
  • Consolidate Vehicle-wise Invoice Report, etc.

Vehicle Purchase Order Report
AutoGenius ERP VehicleBookingSaleReport

Since all the reporting tasks are automated, it saves both time and money on the complex, manual reporting process.

In addition, you also get the various government reporting features like FAME-II report and VAHAN report with Auto Genius, allowing you to efficiently manage your business in line with the govt’s guidelines.

Dealer Options

As one of the Best DMS Software for Auto Dealers, Auto Genius enables you to fluently create and manage your auto dealership in one place. You can use the option to

  • Create Dealer,
  • Create Dealer Login,
  • Create Dealer Location,
  • Create ERP Location, etc.
AutoGenius DMS ERP CreateDealer
DMS ERP CreateDealer Login
DMS Create Dealer Location

The Copy Master option can be used to copy an existing master data for a new dealer. The Dealer Mapping feature is there when you need to map an existing dealer profile to a new one.


Another great and one of the unique features in Auto Genius Automobile DMS Software is the HR functionality, which can be used to record & manage Employee Master and Investment. Emp Master, for instance, has the options for creating

  • Emp Area Master and
  • Emp Master,
  • Emp Team Allocation, and
  • Profile Mapping.
AutoGenius ERP DMS EMP Area Master
AutoGenius DMS HR Employee Master

The Investment tab keeps records of

  • Investment Head Master,
  • Investment Detail Master,
  • Tax-slab Master, and
  • Cost Center Master.

Other options and features include Update Vehicle Info (to manage & update vehicle information), User Rights (specific to users), Grievance management, etc. The Admin Panel can only be accessed by Admin and used for tracking the current stock/inventory, sale register and color-wise stock.

Another thing to note here is that Auto Genius is available in both cloud and mobile variants. You can use the Auto Genius Mobile App to manage your garage/workshop business on the go.

As one of the country’s leading Cloud Software for Bike/Car Workshop, Auto Genius is being used by thousands of businesses in all major states of India for efficient management of their auto dealerships. This includes many top organisations such as Hero MotoCorp Ltd, RR Kabels, Revolt Motors, TVS, Bajaj, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, and Hyundai.

If you are also looking for the best way to manage your auto garage/workshop, reduce cost and increase productivity, request now for a FREE demo of Auto Genius DMS.

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