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Making a logo for an art store

Designing a logo is a difficult task that is best solved correctly from the start. Therefore, it is necessary to study the peculiarities of creating a logo, adhering to its basic principles.

The peculiarity of the art goods store is that there are a lot of interesting products that can be used in the logo. Even ordinary brushes, paints, pencils and anything else can be included in the logo design. The most important thing is to create a simple but at the same time interesting logo, and the logo generator Turbologo will help you in this. Service allows you to choose a customized logo for your company for free, the logo design takes into account all the features of the field of activity and your wishes.

Signs of a good logo

A logo should be unique. Inspired by competitors’ logos is certainly good, but do not get too carried away;

2. The finished logo should symbolize your business, but it should have its own flair. When people see your logo should have an association with your business;

The simpler the logo design, the better. Simplicity and clarity more quickly remembered by the target audience;

4. The logo is used on many media (banners, packaging, notepads, pens, caps, lighters, etc.) so it should be combined with different things. This point is especially important because when the consumer sees your logo on certain places subconsciously makes conclusions about him.

5. aesthetics and combination. The logo should be balanced – shape, style, font and colors.

Art goods store is a very interesting niche, you can experiment and use a lot of interesting details when creating your logo. Both colourful logos as well as more understated and classic ones are available for your business.

Types of logos

There are three main types of logo:

  • Graphic – This is a logo that features only a symbol, without any text or letters. Most often certain objects, animals, human images, plants, geometric shapes and lines are used. Usually graphic images of the author’s work, using the company’s corporate colors;
  • Text – in this case, the target audience is much easier to understand what the company does. Many companies in the logo describe the scope, acronyms or initials. In order to design your logo is cool, you should choose the right color, font, shape, size and not overload the logo with unnecessary information.
  • Combined – this is when a graphic image, text and other elements are used at the same time. To such a logo you can add the year of foundation, the company slogan and so on. If you choose this type of logo, then make sure that the logo is done in a balanced way. A certain element of the logo should be the main one, and the other elements should complement it.

Apart from this, there are other types of logo:

  • Wordmark Logo: A wordmark logo is a type of logo that features a company’s name in a stylised typeface. Wordmark logos often focus on the company name itself, and use a font to create a unique, recognisable identity. Wordmark logos can be used to create an exclusive brand identity, and are often recognisable from afar. Examples of wordmark logos include Coca-Cola, Google, and Nike.
  • Monogram Logo: A monogram logo is a type of logo that consists of a company’s initials, usually in a stylised typeface. Monogram logos are often used to create an exclusive brand identity, and are easily recognisable due to their minimalistic design. Examples of monogram logos include IBM, HP, and LG.
  • Pictorial Logo: A pictorial logo is a type of logo that features an image that can be associated with a company, product, or service. Pictorial logos often require a more creative approach, and can be used to create an iconic brand identity. Examples of pictorial logos include Apple’s iconic apple logo, the Nike swoosh, and the McDonald’s arches.
  • Abstract Logo: An abstract logo is a type of logo that features an abstract design to create an iconic brand identity. Abstract logos often require a creative approach and can be used to create an eye-catching logo that stands out from the competition. Examples of abstract logos include FedEx’s arrows, Audi’s four-rings, and the Adidas three-stripes.

Once you have learned more about how to create a logo for an art goods store, you probably already have a visual image of the future logo. In that case, you can try to draw it at least in a rough draft, it will help you to know even better what kind of result you expect.

Turboologo logo generator will help you find the right logo, which takes into account all the nuances and trends.

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