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Cork is the second-largest city in the country and its residents generally claim to live in the true capital of Ireland. This top-notch university town is renowned for its amazing food scene, affordable costs of living as well as a vibrant nightlife. As the River Lee cuts across it in different waterways, Cork is one of the most beautiful cities with a historic center that is filled with castles, forts, cathedrals as well as forgotten corners. Despite a turbulent economic history, this city is still home to artisanal coffee houses, traditional Irish pubs, small but also live music scene. There is an endless array of historic alleys to wander down.

Day trips

When it comes to having an amazing life in Cork, you can come across many day trips. This place is full of picturesque villages, Cork County is a massive place and takes in every kind of landscape from the jagged, almost treeless exquisiteness of the Beara Peninsula to the green gathered fields of Ballyhoura and everything in between. Here, there is something for everyone, whether it is enjoying a pint in one of the amazing pubs in Kinsale or kayaking on Lough Hyne.

Student life

Life on campus is quite exciting. Here you can enjoy a blend of activities, opportunities, and possibilities. With more than 8 societies within the Cork University Business School and more than 61 clubs throughout the university, you can develop close ties with people in your own program across the different business school departments as well as students and individuals from other parts of the university. With students, faculty, and professional staff from across the world, the city offers a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Here the people are quite passionate about building an energetic and creative community for the students and staff and your experience at the business school will expose you to new ideas and approaches to solving problems and also taking on big challenges. In addition to it, you can come across some of the best student accommodation Cork here. 

Commuting made easy

Cork is one of the most compact cities, so it is important to manage most journeys by cycling. It is also served by an efficient bus network that covers the city and also offers easy access to the suburbs and other towns’ neighborhoods. Taxis and car rentals are also there which makes it easy for one to travel whenever one wants, whatever the destination.

Entertainment and food

This city is internationally renowned as one of, if not the best, so here you can enjoy innovative and amazing food experiences. The city is home to the top-notch English Market, which is one of the highest-food markets throughout Europe, where you will find everything from chocolate to cheese and everything in between.

Tips for students to study in Cork

It can be really overwhelming for anyone to start their education in a foreign country. With a little thought and planning, the transition to the third level can get really exciting and refreshing. These top tips can help the students to make the transition.

Study properly

The course structure in Cork is very different. You may have to be more attentive and concentrate during the lectures. Free time within the schedule should be seen as an opportunity to study. You will always have time to plan and also create a balance between socializing with friends later.

Talk to your lecturers

Being a part of a big classroom can make you feel lost especially after you have experienced close contact with your teachers in level 2. Whenever it is possible, try to talk with the lecturers to seek direction and guidance.

Take care of the deadlines

Ensure you finish all the assignments and submit them on time. Missing the deadlines can have an adverse effect on the overall year’s work.

Go to your lectures

The academic year is generally taught over two semesters and it comprises lectures, tutorials, continuous assessment, laboratory work, and also final examinations. If you have the option of selecting from a range of subjects, it is important to try to attend lectures on all the possible subjects.

Join clubs and societies

When you join clubs and societies within the first few weeks, it becomes a lot easier to settle to make the friends easily. It can be a sport or activity, you are interested in or something entirely new. It is important to meet another compatible outside of the halls of study. This will expand your social circle and offer a prospect for you to meet all the students from other courses across the college.

Ask for help if you find yourself in difficulty

Most higher education institutions operate an open-door policy where the students can easily go to consult if they are uncertain or feeling a little lost. It is important to seek help or any kind of advice if you are in any kind of danger.

Manage your budget

You can plan your daily expenses well ahead and ensure you have enough to spend on rent, books, food, clothes, and socializing. Part-time jobs can help you easily meet your ends.

Enjoy the new experience: University life is to be as it is an amazing opportunity to broaden your horizons, make new friends, and also explore different opportunities that come your way.

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