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Printing of personalized personal or corporate Business Cards

One of the most important details to give a good impression of the services we offer or of our business is the aesthetics and quality of our private or business cards.

Therefore, if we have some type of company or business, we must give enough importance to the issue of business cards and their presence.

In online printing 24, you can print your urgent business cards in 24 hours without any problem.

Are you looking for a business card printing company and don’t know where to go? Imprentaonline24 is your best option.

Quality business card printing material

Choose between 300 gr offset, matte, recycled, or laid cardboard.

your personalized cards

Do not worry if you are a bit lost when creating your business cards at home and do not know where to start, we can advise you or if you prefer, you can contact the designer and our team will take care of creating the particular business cards that you best suit what you are looking for. If you are looking for an urgent card printing company, you can count on us.

Different formats of business cards

Choose between plain business cards or folded business cards depending on what you want.

Why do you need the best-personalized business cards?

Despite the fact that the online world has introduced new ways of reaching companies, business cards are still one of the most used means by professionals and companies to contact potential clients. In the business world, they are essential as it is the instrument that will allow us to forge relationships that can lead to collaborations and future work.

Business cards are the most powerful weapon that a professional and a company have to present themselves to a potential client and stand out from the rest. It is what remains after first contact, hence its design is essential.

The printing of business cards is basic in any contact with potential clients since it allows us not only to make ourselves known but also represents the best way to leave our personal data so that they can contact us if they want to contract a service or buy a product.

Any professional, regardless of the sector they come from and the activity they carry out, needs to have a business card . Designers, commercials, computer scientists, business managers, administrative staff, journalists, production managers, and ultimately any professional, today need support that opens the doors to new business and job opportunities.

It is, in fact, a highly demanded company stationery product, along with the printing of envelopes and corporate paper prepared for the postal delivery, another of our products.

Business card features

Generally, professional cards tend to have some common characteristics. There are different measures although they all coincide in having a small size.

On the other hand, when Printing Near Me online business cards, paper with a certain thickness and quality is used so that it does not bend easily and always gives a quality appearance to our customers.

What should appear on a quality business card?

When online business cards are needed, it is essential to be clear about the information that must be placed, which will, of course, affect the design. Broadly speaking, you must always put the name and surname of the person, the position they represent, or the profession they carry out along with the telephone, mail, and web. This would be the basic information that every business card should have.

In the event that it is a company, you must also place the logo. Besides, you can also add extra information. It is becoming more and more common to put contacts on social networks and even a QR code that refers to a web page, personal blog, or professional profile that is hosted on the Internet. Never forget that both sides, front and back, can be used to add any other data that deserves to be highlighted and made known to an interlocutor. All our cards can be adapted to the design that our clients require.

The business card is the perfect ally to increase customers. It is easy to do and its price is quite low. When you need cheap business cards, there is nothing better than turning to an online printing company like imprentaonline24 which not only offers unbeatable prices but is also committed to quality.

Other products from our printing house that may be useful for your work:

How to prepare the file to print perfect urgent business cards for printing?

  • In pdf on loose pages.
  • Embedded texts and fonts (tracing).
  • Images and infographics at 300 dpi and at their actual size, do not put images larger than they really are.
  • 3mm bleed on all sides of the page.
  • Do not embed any color profiles except FOGRA 27 or 39.
  • Black text only needs to go in the black channel ( C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100 ), not all four colors.
  • In the case of being a gray color, it is a percentage of the black color, it is not a combination of several colors since it can appear a little moved, especially in small texts. The idea is only in the black channel.
  • Eliminate all the pantones if you don’t have them, and change it to four-color CMYK.
  • The color management with which you work in all the programs has to be in CMYK, not in RGB.

cards for printing

With all these tips you will get your designs come out perfect! In any case, as you know, we always review all the files before printing and are totally free so you can rest assured that the print quality is what you expect, thanks to the technology we use we can detect the errors that the pdf may bring before taking out the plate and send it directly to the offset machine.

At imprentaonline24 we want these tips to help you create a much more effective business card to achieve your goals. Remembering your brand, your product, or what you want to convey will be much easier with these printed business cards.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us so we can help you export the file correctly.

When do I receive my custom business card printing order at home?

If you order personalized business cards before 9 a.m. on a business day, you will receive it the next day at your home, in an easy and simple way.

Place your online order for corporate cards now!

We are professionals in business card printing.

Configurable Business Cards
La portada debe tener NaN cm de lomo

Make sure your customers have a contact always at hand with your business cards. Among the possibilities that we offer you, the option of one side or two sides, full color, different finishes, etc. stand out. Can’t find the option you want? Ask us! Choose how you want to be remembered.


Advantages over other printers

You save up to 30% since we manage the entire production
We also include the design if you need it
Free shipping, we take care of it

You contribute to the environment thanks to responsible printing (Certified by the FSC and PEFC chain of custody)

Customize your business cards

What is the use of printing business cards?
Your business cards can be the best presentation of your business. To do this, nothing like originality and ingenuity to stand out above the rest. Printing business cards online is ideal to reach your current clients or potential clients.

Get now with Lozano Impresores the printing of your business cards and get your cheap business cards quickly and easily.

What are the main advantages of personalized business cards?

At Lozano Impresores we offer you personalized, different business cards, with unique finishes such as special inks and effects on paper, as well as supports that go far beyond paper: cardboard, and plastic… ask about all the options because we are going to surprise you. All this together with a clear message and a design that “catches”. Do you have a coffee shop? How about a business card in the shape of… a cookie? A matrimonial lawyer? A business card is split in two. In short, if you have an idea we can make it come true.

And if you prefer something more classic, we can also do it. Classic business cards in two different sizes, but all of them think that your clients or potential clients can always take you with them. May you be present for the moment they may need you. Custom business card printing is our forte.

Types of cards according to their use/finish
Business cards for lawyers.

Business Cards.

Company cards.

VIP cards.

Quality finishes and instantly

At Lozano Impresores, we also have a new technology known as “variable data”. Which consists, precisely, in varying the data as much as you need to get all the business cards you need with as many titles and names as you want. That is instant business cards like never before. You will only have to provide us with a design (or we will do it ourselves) and a simple Excel table where you will have to indicate, column by column, the specific data that should vary in the same impression: name and surname, position, telephone, email address … Easy, right? All this and much more with the Lozano Impresores business card printing service. If you are wondering where to print business cards, you already have the answer, count on us.

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