Sandakphu Phalut trek: A post lockdown trek


It is said that the Sandakphu trekking is believed to be among the most stunning treks anywhere in the world. Its Singalila Park mountain range provides amazing panoramic views over the Himalayas. Small clearings within bamboo groves are densely surrounded by pine trees and the river is constricting. The rewards are stunning views of the area which include Mount Everest, the tallest highest mountain anywhere in the world.


The Route

From Manebhanjan The main road to Phalut connects Nepal along with West Bengal, where there is a hotel and restaurant. It’s a simple, pleasant trek that offers amazing views of the valleys and mountains between West Bengal and Nepal.

The most stunning views are visible from the summit of the mountain. The spectacular views are available from the summit of Singalila Ridge as well.

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The world-famous trek

Because of its position along its location along the River Teesta, a trek to Sandakphu Phalut is among the most sought-after treks in the world. It’s a paradise for sports enthusiasts and is the perfect spot to relax after a hard hike. The trip to this extraordinary landscape is worth the effort.

It has a unique nature. It is comprised of all 8000ers and provides breathtaking panoramas of the Himalayan range’s highest peaks. With a height of 3636m/11926ft, Sandakphu is the hike’s most prominent peak. Phalut is the second highest summit of the Singalila range.

One of the very few treks on the planet that can offer an 8,000-meter peak is the Sandakphu Phalut Trek. There is an Everest collection on Sandakphu and to your left, at 11950 feet.



The mountains are full of spring-colored colors. Rhododendrons with pink-red and white Magnolias fill the hills with the excitement of summertime. The Singalila forest walks on the northeastern trail have an atmosphere of celebration in the spring when the peak of the season is on display this is why you’ll want to look for the elusive Red Panda.


Kali-Pokhri The Black Lake

The lake that is Kalipokhri there a settlement built. Black water signifies the meaning. Kanchenjunga is at a distant distance from this waterhole. It is a serene, tranquil, and stunning setting in the stunning mountains.


What should I pack in preparation for my Sandakphu Trek?

A trek at high altitude can be found in known as the Sandakphu Phalut Trek. This particular trek is a bit different in terms of tools than most treks.

It is impossible to complete the trek without the following things.

Hiking Boots

Sandakphu Phalut requires sturdy, snow-resistant, grippy trekking shoes

Rental: You can rent the authentic decathlon’s Quechua trekking shoes here.



A Rucksack

A trip similar to Sandakphu Phalut requires a 50-60 capacity backpack. A good shoulder and hip support, along with well-lit pockets are vital for backpacks.

If you don’t own the backpack you need You can hire one at Trek up India. Trek up India store.



The best way to defend yourself in the mountain is to layer up. The best way to protect yourself from the elements is to wear layers. Layering is an excellent way to shield yourself from the elements, particularly in mountains where the weather is susceptible to change rapidly.

3 T-shirts as the base layer

Wear one T-shirt, and carry two. Wear dry-fit, full-sleeve T-shirts that have collars, especially. Your neck and arms are protected from sunburn with these. UV rays can cause burns quickly, particularly during the trek’s altitude.

Dry-fit is a great option in case of rain, t-shirts dry quickly. T-shirts with collars work better than those with round necklines.



It is possible to avoid snow blindness by wearing sunglasses. When you go on a winter hike such as Sandakphu Phalut, you can expect to walk through areas that are covered with snow. Unintentional exposure to direct sunlight, which is roughly an hour or so–may cause snow blindness.



Sunglasses are mandatory. When you go on a hike, it is essential to wear sunglasses with a sun hat. It can cause headaches, performance loss sunstroke, and rapid dehydration.

Hand security.

When you go on a hike such as Sandakphu Phalut, you will have to contend with snow quite a lot. It is essential to wear gloves when you are trying to grasp objects or hold the snow. Keep cozy with gloves.


How can we ensure that your trip is safe with us?

  • To ensure the safety of travelers, TrekUp India has been active from the beginning by introducing innovative safety practices for Indian trekking.
  • Microspikes were created through TrekUp India for walking on snow. All types of treks require oxygen bottled.
  • Pulse Oximeters are used to monitor oxygen saturation levels as well as the rate of pulses. Radio was initially developed by TrekupIndia as a method of secure communication.
  • While we’ve observed that the vast majority of companies that arrange treks don’t follow these guidelines, however, in the past, several competitors have adopted these methods and organized fantastic and safe treks.


Learn more about what we have to say about New Safety Protocols

We’ve added a few new safety checks that improve the safety of trekkers to ensure an enjoyable trip. 

For our safety check we:

  • Daily pulse readings, as well as oxygen saturation
  • Every trek is accompanied by an assortment of stretchers.
  • Radios
  • Guides who have been trained to guide mountain climbers and total security
  • Additional oxygen cylinders
  • For hikes in high altitudes, you will require medical equipment that is specialized for high-altitude treks
  • On all types of snowy treks Microspikes, all kinds of snow treks
  • Expert trek guides and security
  • A technical team is available at all ski resorts.

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