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Spruce Up Your Bathroom with All-in-One Combination Vanity Unit

Combination vanity units can be a great way to spruce up your bathroom. These offer a space-saving design that gives you space an elegant look. Since toilets, sinks, and storage is an essential needs for every bathroom, combining them into one unit can offer many advantages. Do you too want to make better use of bathroom space? Then a combination floor standing vanity unit can be a great idea for you. In case you already have a toilet and sink in your bathroom then you may consider an upgrade by removing them and fitting a combination unit instead. In this blog, we are going to discuss a step-by-step process to upgrade to a 3-in-1 combination unit.  

When is a Combination Vanity Unit a Good Idea?

Combination Vanity Unit uk

The choice of your bathroom furniture depends on many factors. These include your bathroom, layout, size, design, etc. Generally, it is the plumbing that decides where your toilets and sink will fit. However, in case these have plumbing available for fitting next to each other, an easy solution may be to install a combination vanity unit. It will not only save you space but look stylish and contemporary at the same time. Why you would like to do has many reasons like

  • You want to Improve the Style of Your Bathroom. One of the major reasons to install a combination vanity unit is to improve the overall aesthetics of the space. You may have a bathroom theme to follow or take inspiration from an Instagram image. And you want to incorporate the same in your bathroom. Therefore, you can look for the certain finish that you want from the various choices you have available in the market. Fortunately, combination furniture is available in various colours helping you to make your bathroom look at its best. 
  • You Need Save Space.  You may want to consider switching to the combination floor standing vanity unit to gain some bathroom storage. There may not e enough space available in the bathroom where you can install a new vanity unit. However, replacing the sink and toilet with a combination of furniture can offer you some storage space while utilizing the same space. Moreover, fitting everything into a single unit can help you make some room for other items as well. 
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance. Another reason you can consider this upgrade is that it can help you to deal with cleaning and maintenance issues. In case you have a separate toilet and sink, it may be difficult to clean and even make more space where dirt can accumulate. However, by installing a freestanding vanity unit that combines them into it, you don’t have an exposed cistern. As a result, you have relatively less space to take care of. 

How to Upgrade for a Combination Vanity Unit?

So, you have decided to get rid of the separate toilet and sink and install a combination vanity unit. You will need to follow a step-by-step approach to make everything right for it.

Step 1.  Does Your Plumbing Support New Installation?  The first and most important thing or consideration is to know whether your plumbing supports the idea of combination unit installation. If like previously discussed going to change the position of your fixture, then there may be some changes required. Or in case it is an entirely new position then more work will be required to create a water inlet and drainage connections. In case you are unsure about it than getting in touch with a plumber may be a good idea. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that changing or updating the plumbing system will significantly raise the overall costs. 

Combination Vanity Unit uk

Step 2. Consider Your Bathroom Theme. After you are clear about the place where your freestanding vanity unit would fit, the next step would be to develop your idea for it. Since there are various designs and shapes of such vanity available in the market, it is important to think about your overall bathroom and choose the vanity that supports it. You may develop your idea from any famous website like Pinterest or Instagram where many bathrooms design and layout pictures are available to view. You can also consider having a chat with a designer if you can afford the one. 

Combination Vanity Unit

Step 3. Vanity Unit Design and Other Considerations. Once you have developed your idea based on the bathroom theme to follow, the next step would be to find a combination furniture unit. You will need to look for a design that may be modern, contemporary, or traditional. For example, a traditional design combination vanity may be the one with a traditional handle design, a sink that is round, and cross-head sink tabs. In addition to that, you should also think about what design of toilet bowl you want to have that will be attached WC unit. You can also look for your favorite colour as per the overall theme and the finish that looks like the one you are trying to follow. 

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