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The Western Ghats’ Kodachadri hill, a designated Natural Heritage Site, provides a beautiful background for the well-known Kollur Mookambika Temple. The Mookambika Temple Nature Reserve includes this hill range, which is renowned for its magnificent sunrises and sunsets. The Kodachadri peak, which is 1343 metres above sea level, is reachable after a five-hour hike. With friends or a group of lone travellers, trekking in Kodachadri hill can be an exciting and enlightening experience. The hill dips sharply for around 1220 metres on its western slope before entering the woodlands of the Udupi area. From here, a 4 kilometre ascent along treacherous jungle routes leads to the ancient temple. An excellent starting point for exploring the highlands is Kollur. The Sanskrit term Kutaja, which means Jasmine of the Hills, is where the name Kodachadri originates.

Activities :

On the mountain, where Saint Adi Shankaracharya is reputed to have meditated, visit Ganesha Guha and Sarvanja Peetha. An old idol of Lord Ganesha can be found inside the enigmatic cave known as Ganesha Guha, which is on the way to popular hiking trails.

Five kilometres from Kodachadri, hike to the Hidlumane waterfalls. A challenging hike to the hidden Hidlumane Waterfalls in the reserve forest will help you rediscover the riches of nature.

Take in the sunset and the hike 

You might be able to see Kollur town and the Arabian Sea in the distance on a clear day.

Take a leisurely 400 km long trip through the Tumkur, Shimoga, and Nagara districts.

Take a pause while having a hearty breakfast before making your way to the fascinating Kumble Village.

Enjoy the beautiful vistas that come into view as you travel. Witness nature’s magnificent splendour as you travel through the lovely woodlands and through the breathtaking Hidlumane Waterfalls.

After lunch, start the exciting trekking trip after learning more about the activity from the guide during a quick description of the Kodachadri walk.

Touch the Kodachadri Peak’s 

summit to get a glimpse of the stunning highlands and surroundings.

Enjoy your camping experience at night and recharge while you eat to satisfy your appetite. Prepare to explore and enjoy the Shivappa Naik’s Fort, also known as the Nagara Fort, fort’s historical splendour.

Witness the Malabar Giant Squirrel, Malabar Langur, Emerald Pigeon, Bison, Tiger, King Cobra, and Python in the region of Mookambika National forest.

The vista from the top of the mountain makes the Kodachadri climb, arguably the most challenging of the popular treks in Karnataka, worthwhile. On a clear day, one can see the azure seas of the Arabian Sea from the summit, which is surrounded by a dense jungle canopy. Both the sunrise and sunset are visible from the top. A traveller on a low budget may stay the night and set up camp at Kodachadri, which is a short distance from the summit.

Places to visit near Kodachadri hills :

In addition to Kodachadri, local attractions include Nagara Fort (30 km), Kollur Mookambika Temple (37 km), Sigandur Temple (51 km), and Jog Falls (100 km).

Cities like Mangalore, Udupi, Maravanthe, Kollur, and St. Mary’s Island are just a few of the locations that can be covered.

This region, which is close to Mookambika National Park, is home to the Malabar Giant Squirrel, Malabar Langur, Emerald Pigeon, Bison, Tiger, King Cobra, and Python.

Places to stay near Kodachadri hills :

The peak of Kodachadri has no accommodations. Anejhari Butterfly Camp, operated by Jungle Lodges & Resorts, is located 37 kilometres from Kodachadri and offers tented cabins. There are inexpensive hotels and homestays in the nearby town of Kolluru.

How to reach Kodachadri hills :

One needs to arrive in Kollur town before travelling to Kodachadri. Bengaluru is about 430 kilometres away from Kollur while Mangaluru, the closest airport, is 130 km away. All day long, a number of private buses go between Mangaluru and Kollur. Kollur is 20 kilometres from Byndoor Mookambika Road train station.

From Kollur visitors can reach Kodachadri hiring jeeps available for rent. The final few kilometres of the hill roads are unsafe for regular cars. Only well experienced local drivers in their jeeps ferry tourists up and down the hill for a nominal fee. Even skilled cyclists can ride to the top of the climb. Additionally, individuals can use their own vehicles or public transportation to get to Nitturu and then climb up a hill from Nitturu to Kodachadri. Traveling alone is not encouraged for safety reasons; instead, it is suggested that you hire a local guide and go on a group trek. During the monsoon, be careful of leeches and slick surfaces.

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