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Himachal Pradesh, a beautiful landlocked state in northern India offers pristine and picturesque views. The mesmerising mountain ranges are the perfect setting for an adventurous getaway. There lies a small hill station Bir. Bir a small hill station lies at an elevation of 1,812 metres above sea level. It is surrounded by green hills and 3 rivers that meet in this place. The region is a more popular series with Indian Trekkers as it offers them a fantastic Himalayan bird’s eye view of Dhankar Peak (5,420 m), one among many amazing sights to behold around Bir.

As well as Manali, where you get visitor facilities like accommodations for example hotels or hostels renting. Even if you are a budget traveller and like to travel overall but on a shoestring budget, then these hostels can be your perfect option. These places will offer you affordable accommodation as well as an excellent experience for nature lovers living in a laid-back environment with local people making you feel right at home irrespective of the distance that might separate.

Here is a list of 5 hostels that you can consider while planning your trip to Bir.

The Trippy Tribe

The Trippy Tribe will give you a vibe as if you are on a trip with your friends. The hostel provides a co-working space where you can socialise, chill, and work. After coming here you yourself will want to get rid of gadgets and relive the gadget-free days. The hostel provides various facilities to its guests such as free wi-fi, free parking, a common room, a cafe, a restaurant, PlayStation, and board games.

The Bunker Hostel

A sanctuary created by artists for travellers to find refuge in the Himalayan valley of Bir-Billing. The Bunker Hostel is a safe haven while you tour the world. With breathtaking views from the property, you will also be able to spend your time with plenty of amazing fellow travellers and make many unforgettable memories. The accommodation provides various facilities such as free wi-fi, free parking, BBQ, shared lounge, terrace, games room, and a cafe. You can also rent bicycles.

Bir Nest

Bir Nest is a backpackers hostel located in Chaugan Village. The hostel has step farming from balconies and windows. You can take this opportunity to meet fellow travellers and experience things you have never before. The property has the most lavish and lush views. The area is super spacious and will make you want to never leave. The property offers various amenities to its guests like free wi-fi, free parking, a

shared lounge, a terrace, and a games room. The facility to rent bicycles is also available at the accommodation.

Cosmic Kriya, Bir

Cosmic Kriya is a loving, pleasant abode by the river stream for all dreamers to revitalise, replenish, and revive. It is a dream hostel for every backpacker. If you do not consider Cosmic Kriya as one of the options then you might really regret it. The property offers several amenities such as free wi-fi, free parking, a swimming pool, BBQ, terrace, shared lounge, children’s play area, cafe, and a restaurant.

The Bunksters

The Bunksters offers the most chill, cool and comfortable vibe to its guests. The landscape from the property is worth everything. They guarantee that you won’t regret your stay at The Banksters. The accommodation provides various facilities like free wi-fi, free parking, BBQ, cafe, PlayStation, games room, and a terrace. You cannot find a better hostel around Bir which provides amazing landscapes as well as such facilities.

How to reach Bir?

The journey by bus takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the traffic, and the journey by taxi takes about 2-3 hours. Another option is to take the train from Dehradun to Bir. The nearest railway station is located in Kathgodam, which is about 60 kilometres (37 miles) away. The journey by train takes about 5-6 hours.


A getaway can be very fun if you are with good company. Getting out and giving yourself some time once in a while is very important for your mental health. Meeting new and like-minded people can probably have a positive impact on your world and personal outlook. Even if you are a budget traveller and like to travel overall but on a shoestring budget, then these hostels can be your perfect option. You are already halfway, now you just need to find the right partner or a group or maybe go solo and enjoy yourself. If you are reading this article then this is a sign that you need to put everything down and just plan a trip to the hills. So don’t wait, plan a trip to Bir! Get moving people!

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