Visiting places in Agra for couples

Agra is a city of great architectural beauty, but it is also home to countless other things to do. From museums, parks, and monuments to Indian cuisine, there are a ton of fun places to visit in Agra with your loved one that will keep you entertained for the duration of your trip. Even if, you are on the hunt for a destination wedding venue as well, give Agra a chance.

Whether you’re looking to book the best hotels in Agra or need help finding places to visit, we’ve got all the suggestions to keep you busy and satisfied. Here are some must-visit spots in Agra- 

Agra Fort & Its Light & Sound Show

The Agra fort was built by Emperor Akbar in the year 1565. Though it has been renovated many a time over the years, you’d still experience the ancient architectural beauty. It is now an extensive combination of Mughal and Hindu styles that is absolutely astounding. Here, couples can spend time exploring the fort’s numerous monuments, orchards, and atriums.

If you’re the lucky ones, you’d also get to see an amazing light & sound show here, which is performed every day 30 minutes after the sunset.

Incredible view of the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal doesn’t need any introduction, this wonder of India is a known name to everybody. In honor of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan constructed the Taj Mahal. The building process started in 1632 and took more than 20 years to complete. To put it mildly, the majestic edifice made of white marble is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There’s no reason for couples to miss this place in Agra. Near the Taj Mahal, A bistro called Sheroes Hangout is a good place for couples and an amazing fact is that it is run by acid-attack survivors.

Soak in the Beauty of Mehtab Bagh

The Taj Mahal is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and iconic structures in the world. But it can be quite crowded, especially during peak tourist season. If you’re looking to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet, Mehtab Bagh is a great place to visit.

Mehtab Bagh is an open-air garden located opposite the Taj Mahal on the opposite bank of the Yamuna River. It’s an excellent spot for viewing the Taj Mahal, and it’s also a great place to relax and take in the beauty of the riverfront.

Splendid Beauty of the Jehangir Place

The most famous places in Agra are usually crowded. When on a trip with your partner, you might want to visit a calm place with magnificent beauty. Here’s one such place- The Jehangir Mahal, it got its name from the Mughals as Akbar’s Rajput wives used to stay here. Later on, Noor Jahan- Jehangir’s wife, made her home here.

One of the key attractions here is the monolithic stone-carved bowl, which was once used for storing aromatic rose water. This place is very close to Agra fort, almost a part of it and you must visit this beauty which is relatively less crowded.

A chilling Experience at the Water World

You may enjoy it all here and more, whether your heart yearns for some aquatic pleasure or a selection of exhilarating rides.

Plan to spend a day at Dolphin – The Water World if you’re seeking entertaining things to do in Agra with your partner. One of Agra’s two waterparks, this entertaining location also features an amusement park. Hours to visit are noon to six o’clock and adults must pay 550 for entry (Above 4 feet).

Take a unique experience at Shilpgram

It’s a mini village for tourists. You may see the magnificent creations of skilled artisans who specialize in ethnic handicrafts in Shilpgram, a crafts hub. It is an excellent spot to find and purchase original works of art that you might not find in the normal Agra marketplaces. The location is a foodie’s paradise where you may enjoy regional specialties.

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There is more to Agra than the Taj Mahal and sweets. Even if you’re planning a trip with your lover, there is so much to discover; it’s a wonderful treat for couples. Just take in the splendor of the historic architecture and enjoy a pleasant trip.

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