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Which Features of Water Purifier Are Required To Maintain Your Family Health

Clean water is a basic need for every person, not only for quenching your thirst but also for maintaining good health.

Sadly, it is not easy to get clean water in many parts of the world today, courtesy of factors like increased industrialization, pollution and a growing population. 

Water from rivers, civic bodies and even wells contains heavy metals, a high quantity of minerals and dissolved solids, all of which are harmful to human health. A Kent Mineral RO Water Purifiers can get rid of all the impurities and provide you with clean water.

Now that you know the importance of having water purifier in your home, it is time to dive into the vast market of water purifiers and filters.

Owing to the growing demand for water purifiers, a lot of brands have come up with different models of water purifiers. You will find non-electric types that use gravity, those that use UV technology and those that use reverse osmosis technology. This can be a daunting task for any person but your ultimate goal is to find a water purifier that is of good quality at a price that is friendly to your pocket.

To maintain your family’s health, here are some of the features you need to look for in a water purifier – 

Energy-saving ability – With the current economy, you don’t need a home appliance that generates hefty electricity bills. Therefore, when shopping for a good water purifier, check if it can save energy and help you save on running costs.

Alarms – Especially if you have a busy schedule, opt for a water purifiers that is fitted with alarms to remind you when the filters need to be changed or when there is a fault in the UV radiation equipment. With such a system in place, you can rest assured of smooth functionality at all times.

Ability to remove all contaminants – A good water purifier should be effective in removing all the contaminants from the water. Do not be swayed by cheap options in the market as some of them may not be as efficient in purifying your water. Ensure that the water purifier you buy uses multilevel purification technology. Usually, water purifiers that combine reverse osmosis, ultraviolet radiation and ultra-fine sedimentation filters are the best.

Ease of maintenance- Appliances need to be maintained to ensure optimal functioning. To this effect, water purifiers have cartridges that need to be replaced from time to time.

You might also consider going for a purifier from a company that provides after-sale services like repairs. 

Filtration rate – The filtration rate determines the amount of clean water your family will have on any given day. Go for one that can meet your family’s daily needs when it comes to clean water.

Storage capacity – Water purifiers vary in terms of storage capacity. Some store a small amount of water while others have a larger storage capacity. The cost may also vary depending on the storage capacity.

Final thoughts

Water from some sources may not just taste well and can be hard to drink. When that happens, you will need to invest in a filter that alters the PH of your water, making it balanced. To maintain your family’s health, you need to consider all these features when buying a water purifier. 

If you are looking for a venue that provides various brands of water purifiers to choose from, Bajaj Mall should be your destination. In addition to having various brands of water purifiers, they also offer a variety of payment options to customers. So, you can either pay a lump-sum for the appliance or pay small amounts every month and save in the long run. 

Summary – Water purifiers come with a lot of benefits. Have you ever heard of waterborne diseases? Well, they can be a thorn in the neck and it is the last thing you would wish for any member of your family. Waterborne diseases like cholera, amoebiasis and bacillary dysentery may claim a person’s life. In such a situation, a good water purifier protects your family from waterborne diseases. To maintain your family’s health, you must invest in Aquaguard water purifier on EMI.

For the water purifier to be effective in performing its functions, it should have some specific features. Not only should it be able to remove all the contaminants, but also sound an alarm in case anything goes wrong. In addition, it should be easy to maintain and generate reasonable electricity bills. Last but not the least, the rate of filtration of water should be comfortable and its capacity should be appropriate for your family. 

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