Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending? [Know Solutions To Fix]

Are you curious to know why is my cash app payment pending? Want easy ways to fix this immediately? If yes then here’s the blog where you’ll get all the solutions:

The payment pending issue on the cash app indicates that the payment has not been completed. It can happen because of several technical glitches and possible causes. If you are using the cash app on the browser then cache and junk files can be a reason. Also, the cash app server can sometimes also cause your payment to be declined. 

Continue reading this blog to find out about all the causes behind this pending payment issue and ways to fix it:

Why cash app payment is pending?

Sometimes, you’ll get to see a pending payment message on the screen while transferring money on the cash app. Well, that can occur because of a number of reasons. Let’s discuss a few possible reasons here:

If the cash app is down

At times, the cash app is down the issue can happen because of server issues. This is not a common issue but when it happens, it can cause the issue of pending payment. In case of a cash app down issue, the cash app server won’t be able to be linked with the internet. As a result, your cash app will be shown down, and payment in the pending section.

Using an older cash app

One of the crucial reasons why your payment is pending is because of using an older cash app version. When you use an older version of the cash app, you might lack some features. Because of this, you get the issue of pending payment while transferring money.

Issue of internet connectivity

To connect with the bank’s server and cash app, there’s a need of having stable internet connectivity. If there is any issue in the network then you can establish a link between the bank and the cash app. When this happens, your transferred money won’t be a success. Ultimately, you will get to see this payment in the pending section.

Issue of cache

Whenever you are using the cash app on a browser, you might face the issue of cache, junk file, or history. Because of this, you can sometimes witness the pending payment. The browser disturbs the payment process on the cash app and causes the issue of pending payment.

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How can I fix the issue of pending payment on the cash app?

Now that you already know the possible reasons for this pending payment issue, you can apply these solutions accordingly:

Waiting for the cash app down issue to be solved

In case of a cash app down situation or server problem, you will have to wait for some time. This sort of issue cannot be fixed by you so it would be better to wait for a few hours to get if fixed.

Get a newer version of the cash app

If you’re still using an older version of the cash app then you need to update it by downloading a newer version. By updating the app, you will be able to get the latest features that have been added to the cash app. With this, you can solve the problem of pending payments.

Get a strong network connection

When the pending payment is happening because of a network connection then you need to get a strong internet. To do so, you can check your mobile data or the WIFI. If it is about network issues then try to replace the old modem or router.

Remove cache and junk files

Another easy solution that you can try to fix the pending payment issue is by removing the junk and cache from the web browser. Make sure you have deleted the recent history and junk files so that they won’t interrupt the cash app money transfer.

Why does the cash App say pending?

This is a common situation that you might get to see while sending money to someone on the cash app. If a payment fails then you will find the payment in the pending section. Cash App payment pending error is a result of various reasons some of which include network issues, use of older cash app versions, and so on.


From the above, it is clear the issue of pending payment can happen because of the above-mentioned reasons. Through this blog, you’ll also get to know about the solutions of Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending. Go through this blog to get possible reasons and solutions to fix this kind of cash app payment issue.

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