You can clean your office with these professional cleaning tips

-You can clean your office with these cleaning professional tips Employees, visitors, customers, partners, and others who bring, pick up or carry out something at your company visit the workplace five days a week. All these people bring dirt to the workplace. Sand under their shoes, bacteria on their hands, and dirt slowly build up. As a result, your workplace does not look professional, it does not feel fresh, and is also not healthy. That is why it is important to keep the workplace clean. You can do a lot yourself with your colleagues to keep the office as clean as possible. Read here how to do that.

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Importance of a hygienic workplace

Do you have an office job and do you spend a few hours a day behind your desk? Then an invisible layer of bacteria builds up on and around your computer. Think of your keyboard and mouse as the top bacteria killers. Meanwhile, your monitor also catches dust and hair, dander, and paper remnants slowly fill your desktop. By giving bacteria free rein, the chance of absenteeism increases. Employees are more likely to get sick and when they come to work they feel less comfortable behind a filthy desk. A cleaner working environment, therefore, leads to higher productivity.

What employees can do themselves

Prevent the build-up of dirt by always washing your hands, cleaning your own desk every day with a cloth, and putting down enough trash cans so that waste can be thrown away quickly. Make sure that the fridge in the canteen is not forgotten either. Once every two or three months, it should be cleaned well and checked weekly for moldy products. Grab the vacuum cleaner if you forgot to wipe your shoes. A few minutes of work, but you prevent dirt from spreading through the building. Even better, make sure you don’t forget to wipe your shoes when you enter.

Get a regular brushing

Short and simple brushings are crucial in keeping your office clean. Have a professional cleaning company perform a more intensive cleaning once a week. They also take the hard-to-reach corners with them and make sure we leave everything clean after they leave. By cleaning yourself you ensure that the professional cleaning company becomes even more effective. You keep the workplace clean and free of clutter, and the cleaning company ensures a fresh and hygienic finish.

Start with the personal workspaces

When we think of sources of illness at work, we quickly think of unsanitary sanitary facilities. However, did you know that employees’ personal desks often contain even more bacteria? Keyboards, computer mice, and pens are constantly touched and are therefore often a major source of bacteria. Also, mouse pads are often not replaced in time and computer screens are not sufficiently dusted. With a thorough cleaning, we should certainly not skip the workplace around the desks. After all, this is where your staff spends the most time and runs the most risks.

 Give your floors a deep office cleaning

A thorough cleaning of your office also includes thorough floor maintenance or carpet cleaning. A very thorough way of cleaning is the so-called machine sweeping and cleaning. This not only ensures a clean but also sustainable result. When you have the floors of your building treated mechanically in this way, they will last much longer. Wooden or parquet floors must also be sanded. Do you have a natural stone floor? Then make sure that it is not only cleaned but also ground and polished. This way you get the most beautiful and clean result!

No unnecessary stuff in the office

The more there is in the office, the more must be kept clean. Therefore, make sure that the household effects are regularly examined. What items are still really needed and what can be discarded? Store items that are not often used in your office in designated locked cabinets. The less lying around, the more hygienic. Moreover, a quiet and tidy office also invites you to tidy up. This way, your office will remain clean for a long time, even after the major cleaning.

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